About Us

“C’est L’heure is a luxury contemporary lifestyle brand based originally in France, creating stylish items for any person. Influenced by Paris and other European cultures, C’est L’heure practices an innovative and bold design process while remaining in a simple state of mind. While we represent ourselves in the fashion world as luxury, we assure that we make sure to uphold ourselves to the same level of power. Our products are of high quality, and are hand made, apparel, shoes, accessories, and bags.

Our History


C’est L’heure was brought together by the owner of the brand named Taylor. He derived the concept of the name through peoples consistent meaning of purpose being tarnished by meaningless concepts and structures. The name in english translates to “It’s Time”, for that definition comes from whatever the category is in life. For every moment comes with only one shot at doing your best, for which we say “ Rappelez-vous toujours, il est temps.”



Every item made is with fine materials, crafted and designed to perfection in every detail. Providing quality items such as C’est L’heure apparel, bags, accessories, and shoes. Headquartered in New York, an undertone of New York street fashion along with Paris runway fashion, continues the innovative aesthetic C’est L’heure gives.